The number one reason I chose the iPhone is the innovative Eco system that’s built up around it, not only in terms of the great apps that are available but also the hardware. Apple make a beautiful, minimalist doc that looks super but it really cost some cash, not only for the dock but also for the cable that’s required. Combined the cost is about £40. A quick scout on eBay turns up lots of lower cost alternatives, the best value of which I found was the Belkin TuneSync. Available for about £10 delivered it offers the same charging and sync benefits of the Apple dock but with the very useful addition of a 5 port USB hub.

It’s a great device and works superbly, clearing away s

Some of the clutter from the desk. It’s more functional than the Apple dock and a quarter of the price. The only minor flaw is that it’s lacking in weight so when the iPhone isn’t docked the weight of the USB cables tips it up by a quarter inch.


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  1. Does the iPhone 3G(s) fit in there OK then? Looks like it’s made for the older iPods. I guess there’d be no firewire charging problem given it uses USB (Apple took firewire charging out of the 3G and subsequent revisions), so assuming the size is right it seems like a nice, cheap alternative.

    Oh, does it come with mains power? Or do you have to have it plugged into a PC to charge?

  2. Yes, I like things to be reassuringly heavy. Bake some sand in the oven until non-conductive and then fill it with the sand! (Or stuff in a plastic bag full of sand!).

  3. Thats a cool dock, I just bought a cheap black one to match my black 16GB 3G which cost about £8 on eBay but having the hub built in is a great idea, might have to get one myself.

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