On MSDN Microsoft have posted documentation on how to import program data into the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) data store for Windows 7 Media Center. While this was possible via a bit of hacking in previous versions of Windows with Windows 7 it is officially supported. The document details the command line tool and the format of the MXF XML file that can be imported into Windows Media Center

The command line tool is LoadMXF and the import document is XML based, the syntax for the can be found in the document.

Windows Media Center Guide Listings Format

Microsoft Corporation

June 2009

Applies to: Windows® Media Center is included in Windows® 7 Home Premium, Windows® 7 Professional, Windows® 7 Ultimate, and Windows® 7 Enterprise.

Summary: This document describes how to import program data into the Electronic Program Guide data store for Windows Media Center on a Windows 7 computer. The main audience for this document is developers who want to build applications to import external Guide data into Windows Media Center and are familiar with Guide and MXF file format.

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  1. This is great. I noticed on Windows 7 that some of the online content is showing up in the EPG (e.g. episode of Arrested Development). Opening this up is important, because the EPG is the most used navigation tool. Giving the ability to link into it will increase usage of online apps/streaming video.

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