Derek sent me a link to an interesting article on how Windows 7 could kick start DLNA in the CE market. While DLNA has been around for years and Microsoft have supported part of the spec in Windows Media Player its not until Windows 7 that Microsoft really embraced the technology . As I talked about last week DLNA opens up lots of possibilities and with Windows 7 driving DLNA into the mainstream we could see demand from consumers for the hardware to support the protocol. We are not just taking media stream either there are protocols things like printing too, so no more messing with printer sharing and permission just right click on a document and do “Print To”.  So once you have Windows 7 the next step is to look for DLNA compatible CE devices to go with it, Christmas 2009 could be a big season for DLNA. Read the post for the rest of the details and this weeks Custom Integrator Show (out later this week) delves deep in to DLNA

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