Have you ever wanted to share your experiences with Windows Media Center, Mesh, Zune or Windows Home server with the rest of the community but don’t want the hassle or commitment of maintaining a blog? If so then the Members Adventure Blog is for you. This is a community blog open to all Gold and Silver Members where you can write a blog post to the shared blog.

To write a post on the blog you need to be a Gold or Silver member of TheDigitalLifestyle.com and if you want to get Silver Membership just send me a message and I will add you (via the site or email members [at] TheDigitalLifestyle.com), to be a gold member you have to be a regular posts in the forums. Once you are a Silver or Gold member you can go to the Write a new post link on the Blog page.

The rules are simple: keep it clean and keep it on topic, any topic around the digital lifestyle is fine with me. I reserve the right to remove posts that break the rules.

So get writing and share you experiences with the community

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