Stuart Harrison on his new blog has details of the release candidate of ngRC (next generation Remote Control). This is the open source remote control for Windows Media Center, there is a a great review of the application on Wiki and here are some of the details from the developers site:

It’s done, the new Version of ngRC 2.0 is available now… Here is a list of improvements towards the beta Version of 2.0:

  • fixed play all Problem (double added)
  • fixed settings page display error
  • implemented amount reduction of lists (let choose amount to display)
  • implemented prefered coverArt Image Filter (e.g. folder.jpg)
  • implemented default setting for maxAmount for lists
  • removed auto-refresh in actual playing, now refresh button instead
  • fixed ch+, ch-, vol-up, vol-down and mute button on extenders
  • made keyboards bit larger for better handling
  • Enhanced XML-Api for better using
  • Implemented Volume Feedback Display on Keyboard
  • Fixed actual playing List problems
  • some clean up and other small things

More details on Stuart’s blog


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