I haven’t had much time to play with Windows 7 yet so I thought I would post a few pictures. The installations tool under 20 minutes on my test machine and on a Hyper V session, its very much like Vista at this stage. It boots very quickly but I would expect that as there are no applications installed yet but over all it feels faster than Vista and even at this pre-beta stage  it seems to be stable, its early days yet but I have no issues with it nor have I had any driver issues. I am tempted to try it on my backup Media Center machine at home and see how well it really works

Here is a selection of screens from Windows 7 and Media Center





Windows Media Center



Windows Media Player 12 and Homegroup

   mc7_4 mc7_5

7 thoughts on “Windows 7 Picture Gallery and first impressions”
  1. Have you checked out the “image to VHD” and ability to mount a VHD on the fly (multiple instancs of the OS/). BTW, the “complete PC backup” that is in vista also created and image to VHD, so it is pretty much the same stuff but with the ability to save VHD’s locally and then pick which one you want to mount at startup… very cool stuff. (for developer and SI’s)

  2. Hmm… Is that “Edit Start Menu” for customizing the top menu in Media Center, or does it only edit the “Extras” menu?

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