Thanks to a Media Center show listeners that sent me a link to his German site for a product called Sceneo VistaTV. Using translation I worked out it looks like a DVB-T/C/S addin for Windows Media Center. In fact it looks like a replacement for Media Center own TV functions that supports a variety of digital formats including Pay TV channels via satellite

Here is the Google translation of the features:

for antenna, cable & sows
Sceneo VistaTV is the current TV-technology for Windows Vista. All the same whether similar cable, DVB-T, – C, – S or DVB-S2 – with Sceneo VistaTV make you their computer the television. Even HDTV and PayTV are not a problem.

for Media center and Sidebar
Sceneo TVcentral MCE integrates itself smoothly in Vista the Media center. Immediately functions are such as picture in picture (PiP), to Multituner, taking up without copy protection, digital radio (DVB-S and DVB-T) and advertising distance at the disposal.

German web site:

Google Translation

Have anybody tried it?


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