Back in March 2005 I was looking for more information on Windows Media Center, I had started blogging about Media Center and was looking for a podcast that talked about Windows Media Center. I couldn’t find one so I thought I would have a go at doing one myself.

So I contacted people from the Media Center world about coming on to the show and much to my amazement they agreed to be interviewed, at that stage I had to more or less explain what a podcast was, where as now almost everybody knows what a podcast is.

It was tricky working out the technicalities of recording the interviews, as it was all new. Skype has been a great tool enabling me to record the interviews for little or no cost, I guess I have spent hundreds of hours on it now.

Over time I have had the more than one Skype crash and also a PC crash lost a whole interview (Sean Alexander was great and re-recorded the interview a week later), I have lost count the number of hours spent in Adobe Audition editing interviews

I have to hand it to the people that came on the early shows, Ted Singh from Embedded Automation was the first guest, Charlie Owen was guest number 2 and has returned many times since (and is the guest on show #100)

The show at first was hosted on my own site and then moved to The Podcast Network after show 4 to up to show 96. Times have changed since 2005 and this year it was right for me to move the show to its own site ( powered by the excellent Community Server and now features blogs, forums and video shows

I really feel there is a community around the show which is fantastic and it is an honor to be part of the Media Center community where there are so many great developers, bloggers and enthusiast.I still get an amazing buzz each time I get a comment on the blogs or an email in to the show, I really enjoy the connection with the listener.

Doing the show opened new doors for me too, being a Microsoft MVP, going to CES and writing a Media Center book are things that I never expected when I started recording show 1.

Having great sponsors onboard like Orb, One voice and Embedded Automation has made the expanded web site possible and has enabled me invest in the show and I couldn’t do the show without there support.

So thanks to all the guests that have been on the shows, and a massive thanks to the listeners, I would not do it with out you. I don’t know where the next 100 shows will take me but I plan to keep going and still a massive enthusiasm for Windows Media Center which gets better and better, so the final thanks go to the eHome team at Microsoft for making such a great product that go me so fired up in the first place



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  1. Hi Ian,

    Congratulations on the 100 shows!

    I’ve been a long time listener and your show is truely a great value to the entire Media Center community.

    Keep up the great work!

    Kenneth (Denmark)

  2. The Media Center Show #100 | 21st March 2007 (1hour 5mins 31sec) MP3 – 22.5MB (Download Here) This week

  3. Thanks Kenneth, its great to know that the show is appreciated and listen to in counties other than the UK and the USA


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