Ok with getting Media Center content on to an Xbox 360 is easy, but what about a PS3 or a Wii? Orb have a 10 foot web based version of the Orb client and it will run on the Wii, which will run on the Opera browser on the Wii, so once you have that setup you can play Media Center content on the Wii via the Orb UI, and here is how (from Orb’s website)

  1. Download Orb onto your Windows home PC and follow the instructions for setting up your account.
  2. Plug your Wii into your TV.
  3. Go to the SHOP channel on your Wii and download the free Opera browser. When the download is complete, the Internet Channel will be visible on the main Wii menu so you can access the Internet from your Wii remote.
  4. Select the Internet Channel from the main Wii menu. Type in mycast.orb.com into the Opera Browser, and enter your Orb login and password.
  5. Be sure to leave the PC turned on in order to access the photos, music and other media stored there.


So the Wii can be another extender device on the network and there is also instructions on how to do it with a PS3, so have all your content on your Media Center PC and use Orb to connect to your other devices.

I still think the best Extender is the Xbox 360, this runs Media Center natively so the UI experience is better than with Orb but still its a great way of enabling these other devices. Its all part of The Digital Lifestyle!

 Orb’s Ian McCarthy will be on The Media Center Show next week and its one of the topics we will be discussing

Download Orb
Instructions for connecting a Wii
Instructions for connecting a PS3


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