As part of the update for there are two new blogs I wanted to highlight.

First I would like to welcome Steven Harding to, Steven is the developer of Yougle a Youtube and Google Videos addin for Windows Media Center and has been on the show last year, Steven is writing a Windows Media Center development blog featuring tips, hints and advice.

Steven has introduction himself on his first post and has a great list of the options available to Media Center developers on his second post and his 3rd posts looks at Model-View Separation in MCML.

If your a Media Center developer of want to get started check out his blog

Now to the Gadget blog

This is one for Gadget lovers (aren’t we all!) Daniel Woolstencroft and Ashleigh Charlesworth are collaborating to produce the Gadget Blog here is their take on it

Together we aim to provide our takes on the latest gadgets and technology, but can provide the extra perspective that only married life can offer. We’re geeks, but we know where to draw the line. We’ll not mention the fact that we cross it on a fairly regular basis.

And so, with Media Center in our lounges, and technology in our hearts, we hope to entertain and enlighten.

So welcome to Ashleigh and Daniel

You can find all the site blogs HERE

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