AS I have said before Big Screen Headlines is one of my favorite applications for the Windows Vista version of Media Center, its a great way to get RSS on to the 10 foot interface.

Nial has updated the application to V0.8.5, its a great application and well worth downloading from Big Screen Headlines website

More info from the Big Screen Blog

Whats New/Changed in v0.8.5

This is a minor update – (again) not too much changed, and mainly to allow beta users to keep using this product after tonight.
Here’s a quick summary of what was changed :

– Extended Trial Period : The new trial expiry date has been set to 1-June-2007. (another 3 months extension) 

– Partial Support for Media RSS Feeds :  Using this new feature – you can now browse (some) feeds where streaming Media is supplied (for Media RSS Feeds – the streaming links don’t come up as Enclosures – so the previous version didn’t support this). This works well with MSN Soapbox as they provide a URL to a streaming WMV video – however it doesn’t work with sites that force you to use their own custom player (ie Google Video / You Tube etc).

Added some new presets (this Blog for example – which wasn’t in previous versions) – plus more importantly – there’s a new section in presets ‘MSN Soapbox’ with links to a number of the popular video feeds (ie. Most Popular, Highest Rated, Comedy, Music, Movies etc etc).

Speaking of Nial, he links to a beta version of MCStart for Vista Media Center

MCStart is targetted at users in the Netherlands (available in English or Dutch) – and allows you to browse upcoming events and attractions happening locally (ie Concerts/Festivals etc).  The UI is presented with a Vista MC look/feel (with a ‘z’ like main menu) – and allows you to click through to event details by category (with event specific some poster/images displayed along the way).

For some more information – check out their site at



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