One area of Media Center that will not go away is the demand for a software version of the Extender, for years a project was called Softsled was talked about but it never came to anything.

A new site is trying to drum up interest in open source version of it. I am sure Microsoft is aware of the demand and I have some ideas on why its never been seen, I don’t think the site would push Microsoft in to bringing up out a Softled product if it has no plans to do so.

Also mentioned is Doug Beretts excellent Webguide and that Doug doesn’t have a 10 foot interface for it yet. What is not mentioned is that Orb have a 10 foot interface that is like Softled, ok its not the richest UI but it does work in Media Center (as I talked about in my blog before)

I would give Orb a try if you really want a Softled


Via Missing Remote

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