As Charlie Owen mentioned in the interview on The Media Center Show #100, the Platform team are updating the documentation for the Windows Media Center SDK (Software Development Kit)

Charlie has started this with a blog post over on the Media Center Sandbox Blog. One of the most important tools when developing a MCML application is MCMLpad, its a tool for previewing your output and helping with layouts which I find the trickiest element of MCML development when you get started. So if your into development checkout the blog post and Charlie is also updating the post with mini-FAQ as feedback and comments come in to him. I think its great to be able to interact with members of the eHome team like this

As part of the documentation updates for the upcoming revision of our Windows Media Center Software Development Kit I have been writing some topics on how to effectively use the MCML Preview Tool (MCMLPad.exe) during development. Since I’ve seen a few blog posts and discussion forums on the topic I thought I would preview this documentation for you, and ask for feedback and / or additional areas which need coverage. So, try this on for size…

User Interface Development with the MCML Preview Tool (MCMLPad)


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