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Welcome to The Media Center Show #100! Joining me this week is Microsoft’s Charlie Owen. It’s great to get Charlie back on to the show, we will be discussing topics such as the Sports Lounge in Windows Media Center, the sample applications that Microsoft ship for Media Center and the developer opportunities amongst other things.Email the Show, visit the forums, watch the video shows, read the blogs and vote for the show!

The Media Center Show with Orb Networks

Show Times:

00:58 Welcome to show 100
01:40 Coming up this week
02:14 Email – Messages for show #100
05:00 Media Center Setup Pics
05:41 More email for show 100
11:00 Send in your email and visit the forums
11:35 A Message from Onevoice
12:40 Welcome to Charlie Owen
14:00 Vista launch partners
14:40 New Media Center Online applications
15:53 Vongo on Media Center
17:00 Developing with your own themes
18:39 MCMLLookalike
21:50 Big Screen Headlines
25:20 Sports Lounge in Vista Media Center
30:40 Why does Sports Lounge have the same UI as the rest of Media Center
36:00 I want more interactive Sports applications in Media Center
36:40 Q Podcast Sample application
38:19 Z Sample application
43:50 The Media Center Sandbox and the Media Center Sandbox forums
47:28 Common issues with Media Center development
51:00 The developer opportunities
55:34 What is coming in the future?
56:35 The Media Center SDK Link
57:50 Charlie’s Blog
1:01:00 Thanks to Charlie
1:02:00 Keep the email coming!!
1:02:45 Download my music

Music by Ian Dixon

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