Open source media system Kodi arrives in the Windows Store

Open source media system Kodi arrives in the Windows Store

Long term readers will know I am a big fan of the open source media center system Kodi which started life as XBMC has evolved into a great system. The system which is available for Mac, Linux and Windows (and iOS,Android aps) is a traditional desktop program which until now you downloaded from Kodi and install yourself. This has changed with the release of Kodi to the Windows Store and what is interesting with this is that it’s the desktop version of Kodi that is available in the store which was converted using the Desktop App Converter via Project Centennial.

Microsoft worked with the Kodi team to convert the app and the store version is Kodi v17 beta 2 which is the version released this week.

I installed the Windows Store version of Kodi on my Surface and it is exactly the same as the version you can download from Kodi with the benefit of automatic updates. It is not a true UWP version of Kodi so this is not going to work on Windows 10 Mobile but it does work great on Windows PCs including small tablets. This is a great move and good to see such a popular app coming to the Windows Store via the desktop bridge.

You can find the app in the Windows Store and read more about the migration project on the Kodi blog.


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