Welcome back to the second installment of our Korg Collection 4 showcase! In Part 2, we continue our exploration of Korg’s legendary synthesizers, uncovering even more sonic wonders. From the vintage charm of the MonoPoly and MS-20 to the cutting-edge sounds of the Triton, Prophecy, Kaoss Pad, and microKorg.

The Korg Collection 4 for Mac and Windows is a compilation of software synths that faithfully recreates many of Korg’s legendary synthesizers. Initially launched in 2002 as the Korg Legacy Collection, it includes both classic analogue and digital synths. You can explore the timeless analogue sounds of the 1978 MS-20, delve into digital classics like the Korg Wavestation, and experience the 2000’s vibes of the 2004 Triton Extreme.

The collection features a lineup of iconic synths, such as:

  • Korg M1 (1988)
  • Korg Wavestation (1990)
  • Korg Polysix (1981)
  • Korg MonoPoly (1981)
  • Korg MS-20 (1978)
  • Korg Triton (1999)
  • Korg Triton Extreme (2004)
  • Korg Electribe-R (1999)
  • Korg Kaoss Pad (1999)
  • Korg miniKorg (1974)
  • Korg MicroKorg (2002)
  • Korg Prophecy (1995)
  • ARP Odyssey (1972)

These virtual synths function as standalone applications and plugins (VST, AU, AAX). There’s a free trial available from Korg for those interested in trying them out. The full sets cots $399.

For this video, I’ve divided the content into two parts. In part one, I explore the Korg Wavestation, miniKorg, ARP Odyssey, Electribe-R, Polysix, and M1.

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