In this video, I will guide you through the process of creating an authentic Hammond B3 organ sound with a Leslie speaker, allowing you to control its speed variations for a more realistic experience, as opposed to relying on digital sample switching. This query came from Phil Wood, who inquired about the possibility of producing a B3 sound and using the modwheel to sweep through four distinct multi-samples of a B3 organ.

Phil generously provided me with the four B3 multi-samples, and I proceeded to utilize the two oscillators of layer A and two oscillators of layer B, coupled with the modwheel to seamlessly transition between them. To achieve this, I employed the Modwave’s Mod Processors to enable the four-layer switching.

In the video, I’ll demonstrate how to use Mod Processors to manipulate the four oscillators, achieving a smooth transition between them. This tutorial is particularly beneficial for Modwave owners, showcasing the creative possibilities of Mod Processors.

Phil has thoughtfully made the samples available for download including the multi-samples so I have put them together with my programs, and performances featured in this video which you can download from our Modwave download page.

If you have your own techniques for creating this kind of sound please let me know.

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