When you think of classic 80s synth, one of the most well-known is the Yamaha DX7. Slightly less well known is its little desktop brother, the TX7, which is a desktop version of the DX7 with exactly the same sounds minus the panel sound editing. These days you can download thousands of DX7 sounds from the internet and upload them to a DX7 or TX7 via sysex (I use DX Manager). So, is the DX7 or the cheaper TX7 still worth buying in 2023?

In this video, I demonstrate some of the sounds I have collected over the years, some of them classic and some less familiar. I show how applying a little effect can make a massive difference to the sounds, and I also try running the synth through my new Behringer Solina String Ensemble, which adds unique and intriguing layers to FM sounds.

The best place to find DX7 / TX7 patches is DX7 All The Web Collection (recup.ch)

Download my FM drum kit for the Uno Drum from our Download section.


01:30 Sound examples https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=90

01:55 Super BS 2 https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=115

02:20 Ambi-Pad A https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=140

02:39 Ambi-Pad through the Solina String Ensemble https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=155

03:00 T Banks https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=178

03:38 LaryString https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=218

04:22 Minimoog and Brass https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=261

04:35 ElectroBak https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=275

05:10 HardBass https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=314

05:52 Pick Guitar https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=351

06:06 Strat Guitar https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=369

06:31 Bass https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=391

06:44 PPG Strat https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=403

07:09 12 String Guitar https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=427

07:40 Classipika https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=458

08:07 ChoirFirth https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=487

08:51 DX Marimba https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=529

09:17 E Piano 1 https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=555

09:38 Flute https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=577

09:58 Synth Lead https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=596

10:11 FullTines https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=609

10:44 DX1 Lead B https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=643

11:20 Tub Bells https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=678

11:45 Simmons https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=705

12:14 <Acc>Gtr 4 https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=733

12:56 String Pad https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=772

13:09 String Pad through the Solina https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=789

13:31 3OSC synth https://youtu.be/OG6Ml_7Ohu4?t=809

13:49 Conclusion and demo song

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