One of my top articles is how to fix MIDI issues with Korg drivers and Window 10 and Windows 11. Today I came across a new issue that will stop Korg devices connecting with Windows 11 via Bluetooth and I thought it would be worth posting the fix.

With the release of 22H2 of Windows 11 Korg devices that communicate via Bluetooth like the nanoKey Studio, microKEY air, nanoKONTROL Studio will no longer connect. I suspect its due to Korg’s Bluetooth stack identifying its device type but there is a fix.

If you get this issue all you need to do is to change the discover setting in Windows from Default to Advanced. To do this go to Settings, Bluetooth & Devices , Devices and then Change Bluetooth device discovery from Default to Advanced. This should enable Korg devices to connect via Bluetooth.

Hopefully that fixes the issue for you!

UPDATE: Here is a quick video on how to fix it


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