If you are a fan of the Uno Drum, the analog/PCM drum machine from IK Multimedia, you might be interested in my new custom sound sets that I created for it. In this blog post, I will share with you details of my sound set, and how you can get it for yourself.

NOTE: Custom kits are not supported by IK Multimedia so you upload these sets are your own risk. If you want to understand how the process works read my how create your own Uno Drum set guide.

What is the Uno Drum?

The Uno Drum is a portable and affordable drum machine that combines analog and PCM sounds, with up to twelve elements per kit. It has a built-in sequencer, effects, and a touch interface that allows you to tweak and perform your beats on the fly. It also has a USB port and MIDI, so you can connect it to your computer or other devices.

What are my custom sound sets for the Uno Drum?

Set 1 – Yamaha RX5

The Yamaha RX5 is a programmable digital sample-based drum machine built by Yamaha in 1986. It has 24 built-in digitally sampled sounds which I have sampled and loaded into the collection. There are also a couple of extra samples included and a snare that I have added some reverb to get that 80s sound.

Set 2 – Simmons SDS5

Over the years I have built up a selection of Simmons SDS5 samples. Released in 1981 the hexagonal padded devices were used by many classic eighties artists.

Set 3 – Linn Drum and Roland TR-505

The Linn drum came out in 1982 and these samples I have collection of the years, so I am not exactly sure which models they came from. Also in this set are all the sounds from my Roland TR-505 was released in 1986 and has a nice simple 80s sound. There is bonus snare that sounds like the snare Jan Hammer used for Miami Vice also included.

My custom sound sets are a collection of custom sample kits that I created by following my how to create your own sound sets for the Uno Drum guide. I wanted to create a sound set of some specific instruments including my own Yamaha RX5 and Roland TR-505. I also created kits that are suitable for techno, house, hip hop, trap, dubstep, synthwave, and other genres. Most of the sounds have a vintage vibe.

Due to the memory limitations of the Uno Drums not all pads have sound on each of the five options.

Volume 2

Fairlight samples for the Uno Drum

These are from the Fairlight 11x samples. A selection of sounds without any effects on them.

How can you get my custom sound set?

If you are interested in getting my custom sound set for the Uno Drum, you can download it from my website for free! Each kit is made up of a DFU file and a file to upload the kits the Uno Drum. You will need to have the Uno Drum Anthology kits installed and then follow these steps: You will also need a USB cable to connect your Uno Drum to your computer.

To get your sounds to the Uno Drum we can use the transfer tool that comes with the Uno Drum sound packs. So, start off by downloading and installing the Uno Drum sound sets from IK Multimedia. Get used to transferring the sets from IK Multimedia before you start with my collection.

Once you have done that you can download and unzip file into one of the folders with the Drum transfer tool

E.g. C:\Users\isdix\OneDrive\Documents\IK Multimedia\IK Product Manager\UNO Drum\UNO_Drum_Anthology_Libraries_WIN\UNO Drum Anthology Libraries WIN\UNO Drum Anthology 8 Sound Content Installer 1.0.0 WIN

Then you run the cmd file for the kit you want to install. So, for the RX5 run RX5.cmd and for the LINN/TR505 run TR505.cmd

This will copy the required file and start the Uno Drum transfer tool. After rebooting the Uno Drum you should have the new sounds.


I hope you like my custom sound set for the Uno Drum, and that it will help you make some awesome beats. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions, and to see what you create with the kits. You can contact me through my website or social media and share your music with me and other Uno Drum users.

Here are sounds in action and how to transfer them to your Uno Drum.

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