In this review and video, I want to share with you my experience with the D-Link DUB-2332 adapter, which is a USB-C (with USB-A adapter included) to 2.5G Ethernet adapter that lets you connect your laptop or desktop to a high-speed wired network. As well as having the ethernet port it also has three USB 3.0 ports. If you need to connect to a wired network or are getting tired of the slow and unreliable Wi-Fi connection, then this is a device worth looking at.


The D-Link DUB-2332 adapter was easy to set up and use. I just plugged it into my laptop’s USB-C port and connected it to my Ethernet cable. No drivers or software were needed, it was plug and play. The adapter has a sleek and compact design, with an LED indicator that shows the network status and speed. It also supports IEEE 802.3bz standard, which means it can automatically detect and switch between 2.5G, 1G, and 100Mbps network speeds. The three USB ports are USB 3.0 which makes it great for a device like my Surface Laptop Studio which only has a couple of USB C ports.


The performance of the adapter was impressive. I ran some speed tests and got consistent results of over 2Gbps download and upload speeds over my local network, which was a huge improvement from my Wi-Fi connection. I also noticed a significant reduction in latency and packet loss, which made things like video streaming and Teams calls much smoother.


Overall, I am pleased with the D-Link DUB-2332 adapter. It is a simple and effective solution to get your PC on to a wired network. If you are looking for a USB-C to 2.5G Ethernet adapter, I highly recommend you check out the D-Link DUB-2332 adapter. The D-Link DUB-2332 adapter costs £22.49 from Amazon. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback about the adapter.

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