In this video I setup a new smart plug from Wiz. Last week I reviewed the new Wiz mobile smart light and was impressed by the simple setup procedure, the same goes for the new smart plug. It must be one of the simplest smart home devices I have setup.

It has the features you expect from a smart plug, it has a full featured app for setup and controlling the plug (iOS and Android) which can control the plug from inside or outside your home. You can control the plug from Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, SmartThings and lots of other services. You can also create schedules to automate the plugs and create scenes to combine it with out devices.

An interesting feature that Wiz devices include is power consumption monitoring which will help you to monitor how much power the devices connect to the smart plug are consuming. With increasing energy costs having energy consumption monitoring is becoming important, and the plugs enable you to monitor how much energy are being used by the devices plugged into the smart plugs.

I will follow up with more detailed look at energy monitoring in a future video.

The plugs cost around £17.99 on Amazon and are simple to setup and control.

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