I have several smart lights around my home but they are wired in and not easy to move about. This is where the ne Wiz Mobile smart light comes in. The full colour portable light has a rechargeable battery so you can pick up the light and place it anywhere around your home or garden. You can control it from the touch panel on the top, via the Wiz app or a service like Amazon Alexa.

In this video I unbox the Wiz Mobile and go through the setup process. As you can see in the video this is probably the simplest smart device I have ever setup on my home network, I just installed the Wiz app and a few minutes later the device was working. Setting it up with Alexa was also very simple and I easily added it to my home devices.

The light isn’t just a simple on or off device, there is a full colour mode (16 million colours plus warm and cold while lights) and scenes that change the colours over time. For example, there is a candle scene for when you want to create a subtle ambiance or at the other extreme a disco mode. You can control the transition speed and the brightness from the app.

The device charges via a USB-C charger which is included and has a handle on top for carrying around. Wiz say you get around 10 hours of night light mode from a full charge.

With the Wiz app you can automate the lights with daily or weekly schedules. Using it with the Alexa app you can include it in Alexa routines and have it work with our smart devices in your home. Also on the Wiz app you can monitor energy consumption.

If you want to bring some ambiance inside or outside your home and don’t want to have to worry about cables this light is well worth checking out. The light costs £105 on Amazon, you can find out more information at WizConnected.com

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