Last year I did round up of USB-C docks that would with the Surface Duo. As I now have the new Surface Duo 2 I though I would return to the topic and try some docks again. In this video I test a Dell USB-C Dock (WD19 130W) and a D-Link portable USB-C dock (DUB-M610). I skipped trying out my old Microsoft Display Dock as I didn’t have much luck last time with that.

Dell USB C Dock (WD19 130W)

The D-Link USB-C Dock worked well. I connected my HDMI monitor, USB mouse and keyboard to the dock and then the USB-C dock to the Surface Duo. The Duo recognized the device straightway and mirrored the screen to the monitor. The keyboard and mouse worked perfectly and the dock powered the Duo. So, the Dell hub worked well with the Duo as a desktop dock.

D-Link DUB-M610

The D-Link dock is small portable dock which also has SD & MicroSD card slots. The display worked as did the keyboard and mouse. I plugged a USB-C charger into the dock which then powered the Duo. The D-Link dock is pocketable and a good option for the Duo.

As you can see in the video the Surface Duo 2 works well with the USB-C docks. Both devices mirrored the Surface’s screens so you have the split and full screen options. You can’t have a different display on the monitor and on the Surface Duo 2’s screens.

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