High-end homes aren’t just valuable, they’re targets, too. A wealthy homeowner should make sure their security system is aligned with the value and size of their home. With the technology available today, it’s now possible to balance aesthetics with convenience and protection, which was previously difficult for homeowners. Upscale properties should be equipped with state-of-the-art security camera technology and other devices that both prevent security and damage problems and make it easier to handle a crisis should it occur. Here are five investments high-end homeowners want to consider.

1. 4K Color Night Vision

Video surveillance is the linchpin of a good home security system, as it can detect home intrusion and record evidence of crime. However, most home security cameras have blind spots that leave too much to chance. Burglars who break into high-end homes often do so with a lot of planning beforehand, and may choose to sneak in when they think the cameras can’t see them. Color night vision technology, such as that found in 4K nocturnal cameras, enables more details to be caught on camera no matter the time of day. Even in the middle of the night, security footage will record the colors of an individual’s hair, clothing, vehicle and more.

2. 4K Digital Zoom

With 4K digital zoom security cameras, you can see further than before, even in the dark. The larger your home, the harder your cameras need to be able to work. A digital zoom lens, also known as a motorized varifocal lens, allows you to remotely customize your viewing area and sharpen the focus. That means you can get a small area in impressive detail to make out individuals or objects that would otherwise be missed.

3. 8 mp Image Sensors

High-resolution security cameras, such as 4k cameras with 8-megapixel image sensors, give you 1080p resolution. Not only does this give you better video quality, but also striking detail in digital zooms.

4. Blast-Resistant Windows

Windows are often the most vulnerable entry points in the event of home invasion, and most high-end homes have a lot of them. They can also become dangerous in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Blast-resistant windows can be worth the investment by acting as a burglar-resistant barrier rather than a hazard zone.

5. AI Sensors

With modern AI technology, sensors can detect virtually anything, which changes the face of home security. Devices can help you monitor smoke, temperatures and water flow, preventing fires, floods and more. Thanks to the Internet of Things, smart device connectivity gives homeowners more voice control options and enables sensors to automatically fix the problems by shutting off an appliance or changing the thermostat. AI sensors also detect whether doors are locked, and can lock them up for you with a simple voice command so that nothing is left to chance.

Next Generation Security

High-end homeowners need high-end security, and this is made possible through the latest bleeding-edge tech on today’s market. Not only is technology making security more effective, but also less convenient and more discreet.

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