There are certain products which manage to stay in trend despite the technological advancements. Luxury watches which have been made by companies which have been there forever do not seem to go out of practice any soon. Although the new kids of the block flaunt their timepieces, or as they call smartwatches proudly, some millennials cannot seem to stay without luxury watches.

Why luxury watches are still in the rage?

In the past, luxury watch brands stiffened upon the arrival of digital watches which seem to blow a storm in the watch market. Since then it has been facing one obstacle after another, but every time it manages to come out safely. The reason behind is, although the demand to stay connected on the go while checking the time in a smartwatch has increased, very few can overlook the class presented by an old-school wristwatch.

But luxury watch manufacturers not only have been providing classy looking timepieces, but they have proved their professionalism and proficiency by designing watches only suitable for a specific profession, for example, Rolex 114060 has been designed considering the requirements of sailors.

How are they keeping up with the demands of the tech freaks?

One of the advantages of luxury brands is that they can easily add tidbits of technology in the watches to appearing alluring in the eyes of the customers. But the task is not this easy for tech companies watches, because customers expect complex and innovative forms of technology from them.

That is why some luxury watchmakers are looking forward to incorporating some utilities of the smartwatch in their traditional timepieces without changing their originality. The result which exhibits the fusion of old meets new is appealing even the digitally-minded customers.

Attracting younger mass

The luxury watch makes can surely give a tough competition to the smartwatches by skewing younger users. Since the young folks are most likely to be lured by the smartwatches and not their previous generations, marketers have to appease them. Their strategy should involve tempting youngsters with the unique craftsmanship of the handmade timeless timepieces. In order to individualize themselves, some youngsters might genuinely consider ditching the smartwatches and adopt a classier piece which will help them to attain the limelight.

In fact, in some ways, the revolution of the smartwatches may act as a boon to the manufacturers of luxury watches because in this way they will be able to reach out to a different type of audience.

Be yourself and don’t change a thing

There are few brands of luxury watches who have been around since centuries and with their high-end timepieces, they have managed to bring a strong reputation. It is important to remember, that their reputation might get hampered, if all of a sudden, they try to imitate the action of a new tech watch company.

These watchmakers have to remember that they are still getting customers in the digital world because

their qualities are rare and their uniqueness is the prime thing which has caught the attention of their customers.

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