Microsoft have released a new build for Windows Insiders with the Skip Ahead option. The new build is 17639 and it includes a lot of improvements to Sets with Drag and Drop supports as well as a new On/Off setting and Open in new tab option.

Drag and drop app tabs within and between Sets windows is now supported: It works just like it sounds! You can now drag an app tab around within the Set or combine tabbed app windows into Sets.

Tabs are now bubbled up in Alt + Tab: Have Photos, Microsoft Edge, and OneNote tabbed together? You can now use Alt + Tab to switch between them. Prefer to only show the primary window in Alt + Tab? There’s a new setting – more on that in just a moment…

Improved Settings for Sets: We’ve updated the Settings for Sets via Settings > System > Multitasking. To start with, Sets now has its own section on this page, and is searchable (try typing “Sets” or “tabs” and it will appear in the dropdown). We’ve also added a setting to control the Alt + Tab behavior mentioned above.

File Explorer & Sets Improvements: We’ve heard your feedback – you’d like it to be easier to get two File Explorer windows grouped together, and we’re working on it. To start with, you no longer need to hold CTRL on the new tab page to launch a File Explorer window in a tab (this was a temporary necessity with the last wave). We’ve also added a new keyboard shortcut to open a new tab when a File Explorer window is in focus: Ctrl + T. Remember, you can use Ctrl + N to open a new window, and Ctrl + W to close the window/tab.

Finally, we’ve added some new UI for easily opening new tabs and windows in the File Menu.

There is also a way to open a folder in a new tab:

Here are the other minor changes and known issues. Look out for my hands on video soon.

Other Sets improvements and fixes based on your feedback, including:

We fixed an issue where the active tab color wouldn’t be visible until you hovered over it.

We’ve been working on our polish, and you’ll notice that switching between open tabs is now a lot smoother.

We’ve improved the reliability when restoring tabs, fixing some issues where tabs didn’t restore as expected.

We fixed an issue where closing a tab in a Set then immediately opening a new tab might result in the window unexpectedly maximizing.

Here are a few things we’re still working on that aren’t quite finished / resolved yet:

File Explorer ribbon doesn’t stay pinned open across restart.It may take some time for the app exclude list in Sets settings to populate the first time it’s opened.

Sometimes it takes two tries to bring up an inactive tab from the taskbar.

There’s a chance that you may see an unexpected second row of tabs when you open the new tab page.

When you launch an app or website from the new tab page, there’s a chance focus will change to a different tab.

The “filled” state of the restore icon in Sets will remain filled even though you’ve restored all tabs.

We’re aware of an issue that causes Narrator to read extra text when invoking Alt + Tab, and we’re working on a fix.

The new tab may sometimes open blank. Closing the tab then opening it again should resolve this issue.


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