Microsoft have released its first Windows Insider build of 2018. The new build is 17074 and is available for Insiders on the fast ring (not for AMD processors).

The new build has improvements in settings, Microsoft Edge, reading modes and improvements to Quiet Hours.
[Update: I have recorded my what’s new video with this build]

With Windows Internationalization which now has the language packs available via the Microsoft Store:

We have redesigned localization of Windows in this release. Now you can find your desired language (Local Experience Pack – or “Language Pack”) through the Microsoft Store and Region & Language section of the Settings app. The Settings app provides improved discoverability of features supported for each language.

We have also started utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and neural network-based Machine Learning (ML) for Windows localization. Having the Local Experience Packs in the Microsoft Store allows us to take advantage of ML improvements and user feedback via Language Community App to release better translations more frequently. This will consistently improve the experience of our international customers with Windows.

There are a few changes to Microsoft Edge, they have a new Hub view which has the tabs across the top switch to the left which should make it more discoverable. There is the option to save payment web forms to your Microsoft Account and a new reading experinces for EPUB,PDF and reading views. The new view has the fluent design applied to it and there are new grammar tools in the reader. There is also a new full screen view.

Grammar Tools for EPUB books and Reading View: When viewing reflowable EPUB books or Reading View for websites, you can now use the new Grammar Tools button to enable new comprehension aids. Grammar Tools can break the words on the page into syllables, as well as highlight different parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

Other changes include autofill passwords when InPrivate, extensions in InPrivate and CSS OpenType font support.

Improvements to the Windows Shell

Quiet Hours has been improved with additional options:

Quiet Hours will automatically turn on when you are duplicating your display. Never get interrupted during presentations again!

Quiet Hours will turn on automatically when you are playing a full screen exclusive DirectX game.

You can set the schedule that works for you so that Quiet Hours are always on when you want them. Go to Settings > Quiet Hours to configure your schedule.

Customize your own priority list so that your important people and apps always breakthrough when Quiet Hours are on. People pinned to your task bar with always break through!

See a summary of what you missed while you were in Quiet Hours.

If you’re using Cortana, you can also have Quiet Hours turn on while you’re at home.

There have been improvement to Near Share and the Intel Meltdown fixes are included in this build. Read Microsoft blog post for the full list of changes and look out for my hands on build very soon.

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