No doubt we think of Android or iPhone tablets when we plan to buy one. But if you have any plans to use it for your work, then it would be better to consider a Windows tablet.

 In some cases, tablets can work better than laptops, while in others, they may amplify what laptops can offer. Again they can work better compared to others when it comes to enterprise. Even though, Android and iPad can work good for workplaces, if you are looking for choices, nothing can beat Windows. Windows has been enjoying a dominating place in the workplace and for sure it is not going to change in the near future. There are a number of reasons to support the statement and they are as follows:

1.        More choice

When we look at the tablet market space, you have more choices for Windows tablets compared to iPads models (iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air and their versions). Android has quite a few to offer, but there are many cheaper options that may ruin everything. So beware! When it comes to choice, you will find Windows tablets from all the major brands out there in the market. With a large number of options, it becomes very easy to choose the right tablet that suits your needs especially in terms of screen size. At most of the online stores like Currys, you will be able to choose Windows tablets based your requirement.

2.        Docking stations

You can just make use of docking station and convert your tablets into a desktop system. With it, you can easily connect keyboards, monitors, hard drives and mouse. If you go for the docks from the tablet OEMs, you can easily connect all the peripherals and your tablet will act as the CPU.

Don’t have dock option on your tablet? Don’t worry as you can make use of universal hubs for the same. Just plug your tablet in to the hub and you are ready with a desktop system.

On the other hand, you don’t have docking systems or hubs for iPads. Moreover, they are not tend to be used for enterprise by connecting with peripherals. Similarly, for Android tablets, you have USB ports to connect mouse and keyboard and an HDMI port to connect to a TV, but you don’t have docking system which can make it a convenient option for enterprise.

3.        Peripherals

For many, docking system may turn out to be wastage so they have a better solution to plug in a few peripheral devices. Windows tablets come with one or two USB ports which can be used to plug in hard drives or any other peripherals. This simply means that professionals can easily have access to terabytes of external storage even when they are on the go. So the video professionals or photographers can easily carry and control their work from anywhere.

Few of the Android tablets can be connected with peripherals like hard drives. Again, many of them support Windows which brings a number of issues to the users. There is no scope of connecting iPad to peripherals as it has no USB port. You will face a number of problems to connect peripherals as iPad does not have a file manager.

4.        Apps

No doubt Windows store is messy and so when it comes to the selection of apps it can nowhere match Android or iOS. But, the Microsoft store has legacy Windows apps which can work on your tablet just like on a desktop. Now this is something that you will not find on other platforms. There are thousands of legacy apps on Windows platform which can seamlessly meet the needs of every business and industry.

5.        Multi-tasking

Windows is developed in such a way to run as many apps at the same time. Android can do it to an extent, but not with such an efficiency while this is not possible in iOS. Businesses need to do a number of works at the same time so Windows is the obvious option as you can easily run all apps here.

6.        Multiple Windows

You can easily accomplish multi-tasking if you have a number of apps open on the screen at the same time. With Windows, you will be able to make use of different apps on the tablet easily.

7.        Collaboration

One of the important requirement of the workspace is to share documents with the coworkers and communicate with them. iOS and Android can help with it but Windows is best at it. You can run Office on the Windows and can share your documents easily. A number of collaboration tools are available on other platforms too but Windows works well with them.

For sure, Windows may not be the best choice for some but, what it has to offers makes it the best for the enterprises. Moreover, they are affordable too and you can easily buy them through for less. Large companies can easily get to use the accessories that it provides and which again turns it to be cost effective. Large app selection window and ease to add peripherals make it the best option for every budget. 

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