No matter how much battery technology improves they device never seem to have enough capacity so portable chargers popularly continue to grow, many using one to keep the phones charged while plying Pokémon Go. The Choetech charger I am reviewing has a 10400 mAh battery pack, dual USB outputs, Lightning and MicroUSB inputs. The charger supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which means compatible phone will charge 40% faster than standard chargers. Port 1 puts out 5V 1A and port 2 outputs 5V 2.4a / 9V 1.7A / 12V 1.3A.

There is a MicroUSB port and an Apple Lighting port for changing battery pack so you can if you’re an iPhone user you can use your iPhone cable to charge up.

I found it took about 2 hours to charge up an iPhone 5 from flat to full and about 4 hours to charge up an Encore 8 Windows tablet (which will only charge from 2 amp chargers). For a Nexus 6P and a Lumia 950 XL it took about an hour for a full charge. Once changed the devices still had enough power left to charge a phone 3 or 4 times and the tablet twice. Charging the pack back up again from flat seems to take about 6 hours and there is a battery charge indicator on the front showing how much charge is left (using four blue lights).


The charger is well constructed with an aluminium case and fits in your pocket so if you are traveling this summer it is a handy device to have. The unit costs around £25.99 on Amazon.

Another handy device to have is a USB changer for the car. This also supports Quick Charge 3.0 for devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 which Choetech say will charge 75% faster than a standard charger. Included in the box is a USB C cable for charging up devices like the Lumia 950 XL and Nexus 6P. There are two ports on the charger so you can charge two devices as once, one Quick Charge 3.0 and one smart charger. I found my Nexus 6P takes just under an hour for to charge from flat. There are plenty of USB car changes on the market but many are 1 amp changers and take a long while to charge up a phone, this device puts out 2.4 amps making charging a lot faster. This charger costs about $15 on Amazon.


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