Microsoft’s Groove app is a great music player and over the last year Microsoft have added a lot of functionality to the app. The latest addition to the app is metadata editor so you can edit information like song tiles, albums titles and year. It saves you have to dig out another app to clean up your data via a simple editor.

You can only edit files stored on your local machine, you can’t edit data stored in OneDrive unless there locally downloaded. To edit metadata just ring click on a file and choose the edit option, you are then presented with a simple metadata editor.

A nice update which is currently available to Windows Insiders on the fast ring.

One thought on “You can now edit Metadata in Groove music via the last update for Windows Insiders”
  1. Naturally, Microsoft has delivered a half-working feature. It doesn’t work for files in FLAC format, despite all the trumpeting that Microsoft made over native support of FLAC in Windows 10.

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