Shopping online is rapidly overtaking the high-street. With services like click and collect, free returns and same day delivery now available it’s no wonder e-commerce is more popular than ever before. But with so many businesses leaning towards e-commerce as their main way of trading, how can you be successful in e-commerce? Here are our top tips:

1)      Don’t expect it all to happen at once

Huge e-commerce giants like ASOS and Amazon have taken the internet by storm over the years, but they all started somewhere. Don’t expect too much at once and you’ll not over face yourself as a company. Building up your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable company is more important in the beginning stages. Think about prioritising quality products over quantity and you’ll be off to a good start.


2)       Plan

From managing orders, to picking stock, packing stock and distribution, e-commerce involves much more planning than you think. Planning well ahead to ensure that you have a well thought out and efficient system in place will be crucial to success and make sure you won’t get behind on orders. If you’ll require a place to store all your stock look at renting a small warehouse or storage unit to ensure that all of your stock is kept in one place.

3)      Invest in an experienced delivery company

One of the most important criteria when wanting to be successful in e-commerce is the            services of your delivery company. Using an experienced courier like TNT who have the knowledge and experience to guarantee your parcels are all delivered on time and in great condition hugely increases the chances.

4)      Keep up

The e-commerce world moves so fast that it’s important to keep up with your competitors in order to be successful. If other competitors are offering better deals, more extensive and convenient delivery options or even have more user friendly websites, this will all be detrimental to your success. Try to keep up with others as much as possible when it comes to progression. Things such as developing an app, making sure your website is user friendly on a mobile device are all vital to keeping up and staying ahead of the game.

The internet has enabled start-up businesses to have more opportunity to establish themselves than ever before. Not only does this mean everyone has the same shot at making their business successful it also means that there’s much more competition. In order to make sure yours is a success follow the above tips to stay ahead of the game.


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