Microsoft are adding Facebook integration to the Microsoft Health app so that you can view social challenges and leader boards with your friends. The sharing features work with the Microsoft Band and the Microsoft Health app on iOS, Android and Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile. The idea being that the feature will help with motivation.

Social Challenges and Leaderboards is more than a cool new feature – we know exercising with friends has tangible benefits to improving fitness outcomes. We hope the friendly competition will keep you motivated and decrease the chances of hitting that snooze button or missing a workout.

With this new feature, invite a group of friends to partake in the fun. When you’re particularly proud of an awesome workout or a great night’s sleep, remember that you can share your run, bike, or sleep summaries on social media. Friends can review your data in the public dashboard if you choose.

It doesn’t end with one successful challenge, though; the next one is right around the corner. Look for the new Social Challenges and Leaderboards coming your way over the course of the next week.  We can’t wait to hear about your accomplishments!

The features will be included in an update to the Microsoft Health app.


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