Windows Insiders with either a Lumia 950, 950 XL or 550 can try the first Redstone build of Windows 10 on their devices. Build 14267 has been released to the fast ring matching the PC build 14267 build released this week. There are a few new features in this release and a few fixes:

Just as the PC version of 14267 has there is now a music icon in Cortana that you can tap for it to listen and identify the song playing.

The Word Flow keyboard now works in the address bar in Microsoft Edge, something I am very glad to see back.

The InPrivate button in Microsoft Edge has been moved next to the new tab button making it much easier to browse in the private mode.

When you download in Microsoft Edge it shows a prompt so its easier to cancel downloads.

Just as you can now do in preview version of Windows 10 you can now attach photos to Skype messages by tapping on the paper clip icon as you creating messages, you can also you the camera app to take a photo and attach it to a Skype message.

Fixes in this release include a fix to text input where it would ignore every second word, an issue hiding the navigation bar has been fixed, recording videos to the SD card no longer drops frames, improved Live tile animation and there should be less phone restarts after an app has crashed. The one know issue is that Visual Voice Mail doesn’t work in this release, so you will have to manually check for new voicemails with this build.

This release is only available for the Lumia phones that shipped with Windows 10 Mobile so that is the 950, 950 XL and 550.

Lookout for a hands on video soon.

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