Many new phones are coming with the new USB C standard connector which promises faster transfer speeds and faster charging. The Lumia 950 XL I use came with a USB C cable in the box but I wanted to have a couple of spare cables so I tried a couple of cables from Choetech (which they provided for the review). I tried a USB C to USB C and USB A to USB C which you use to connect up a phone to a PC.

The cables are well made and feel like they could handle being thrown in my bag and repeatable used. For charging the phone it works just as well as the Microsoft supplied original cables but for data transfer I found the Choetech cable transferred a lot slower than the OEM cable. I think this is down to it being a USB 2 cable whereas the Microsoft cable support USB 3.0.

So overall they are a handy cables to have with you, while the transfer speeds are not as good as the original cables at £6 each I think I can live with that using the cable as a spare and are as good as the original for charging. You can find the cable on Amazon and here is my video review.


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