Last week Microsoft released new Intel Display Drivers and a firmware update for the Surface Pro 3 and Pro 4. At the time they didn’t publish any release notes but now we have official details of changes which includes audio updates network drivers and a UEFI update. After an initial period of display driver crashes my Surface Pro 3 seems to have settled down.

January 2016 updates

  • Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware update (v38.9.50.0) improves system start-up reliability.
  • Surface Pro UEFI update (v3.11.1150.0) adds pen support in UEFI menus and improved support for 3rd party onscreen keyboards.
  • Surface Fingerprint Sensor driver update (v2.2.10.6) improves accuracy.
  • Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth driver update (v15.68.9037.59) improves access point compatibility and throughput on 5GHz.
  • HD Graphics Family driver update 4331 (v20.19.15.4331) improves color calibration and system stability.
  • Display Audio driver update (v6.16.00.3189) supports compatibility with the updated HD Graphics Family driver.
  • Surface Cover Audio driver update (v2.0.1220.0) improves system stability.
  • Microsoft Surface ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery driver update (v1.2.0.2) ensures correct surface driver is installed.

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