If you are an Emby user there is an updated version of the server software available, the update includes a number of fixes and also adds support for running as a 64 bit Windows service. Also available is an updated Emby app for Roku and an update to the Windows app. The Roku beta app includes direct play of h265 content and pass-through of AAC 5.1.

Emby server can be downloaded for free from Emby.media and runs on Windows, Linux, NAS devices, Mac and FreeBSD.

Server changes:

* Support running Windows server as 64-bit process
* Fix latest items aspect ratio
* Support automatic orientation adjustment for photos with exif data
* Resolving caching issue in IE and MS Edge
* Add api keys page to authorize other applications such as Sonarr
* Fix image editing in Firefox
* Adjust recording deletion behavior
* Support auto-organize for daily episodes
* Add real-time monitor setting for Linux and BSD
* Fix live tv guide grid scrolling
* Update Schedules Direct to automatically reacquire auth token when needed
* Update Xbox one dlna profile
* Handle 407 response from Open Subtitles
* Update codecs written to nfo’s for display in Kodi
* Support dvbsub subtitle format
* Improve people metadata downloading
* Trim logging

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