One of the big differentiators with the new Lumia 950 and 950 XL and Windows 10 Mobile is Continuum. The idea behind continuum is that you plug your phone into a dock and then you get a PC experience with a keyboard, mouse and monitor using your phone.

With the 950 and 950 XL you connect the phone up to Microsoft’s new Display Dock (HD-500) via the included USB C cable and then either plug a keyboard and mouse in to the dock or use a Bluetooth keyboard. On the display you get the familiar Windows desktop and a start menu and then you can use the app as you would on a PC. Not all the apps works on the display, they need to be Windows Universal Apps so that means Outlook, Word, Excel, Edge, Groove, Movies & TV, Powerpoint and many other apps work great. For example the Word app looks just like the Word app looks like on a tablet or PC, the same goes for Outlook and Edge. 3rd party Universal Apps work on it as well, the new BBC Store app for example works just as it does on a PC.


While you have apps running on the monitor you can still use your phone running apps on it, make phone calls or send a text. You can even use the phone as a trackpad so you don’t actually need a mouse. It’s a great concept and I can see it being very handy when going to a hotel room or doing a presentation.

The Microsoft Display Dock has a USB C port for connecting to your phone (it also charges it at the same time), there are three USB 2 ports, DisplayPort, HDMI port and power port (USB C). Included in the box is a USB C charger which is the same as the one supplied with the phone and a USB C to USB C cable for connecting up the phone. With the monitor I tested it on I got full 1080p support.
What Continuum really needs is for more apps to support it. For example Microsoft’s own Remote Desktop App is not supported but this could be a killer app for the platform, I could remote into my development machine and use Visual Studio or manage a server. Also 3rd party apps like Plex, Emby and BBC iPlayer would broaden its appeal. The apps that do work on it like Groove, BBC Store, Outlook and Edge work great, it is just like using a PC.

The Display Dock is currently free for 950 XL users (via an offers app on the phone).

Here is an unboxing and video review:

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