One last release of Kodi 15.2 Isengard

The Kodi team have released one final build of Kodi 15.2. This release has a host of fixes but no actually new features in the OS. The changes included subtitle fixes for DVB, updated PVR addins and Android fixes.

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Fixes done in this 15.2 version

• Fix non DVB subtitles

• Fix incompatible MySQL queries

• Improvements on PulseAudio for Linux

• Fix multi images in grouplists/layouts

• Updated PVR add-ons: Tvheadend HTSP and MythTV

• Fix refresh-rate switching on Android. This should improve on most devices like Nexus Player and NVIDIA SHIELD TV and others which use the Android API

• Fix file time used in scanning library which may speed up scanning times on 32bit platforms

• Fix video rewind on Windows. May still leave artifacts for some seconds.

• Fix continues check on system partitions on Android

• Fix MicroDVD subtitles

• Fix subtitles positioning below video

• Fix memory leak on opening Bluray menu for stream selection

• Fix default sorting for songs over UPnP

• Updated taglib that fixes a crash when playing flac files

• Fix volume adjustment for XBOX controllers

• Fixes side flyout appearing when using touch

• Fixes freeze on win32 on away mode

• Fix crash on osx 10.7 when trying to resolve hdd names

• Fix Amlogic zoom problems on Android

• Set default screen region for dvb subs (wrong placed subtitles)

• Fix missing lyrics from tag when playing from musicdb url

• Properly set the time format when setting/changing regions

• Fix playback problems on AMLogic after ffwd or skip

• Fix fallback for nb_no language

• Fix empty LatestAlbum.Artist

• Fix watched flag in Confluence media info 3 view

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