This week I wrote about the Windows 10 DVD Player app Microsoft provided as a replacement for Windows Media Center. As I said in the review to get the app for free you have to have upgraded a Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 with Windows Media Center to Windows 10 (no clean installs). If you don’t qualify for the free app you can now buy the app from the Windows Store for £11.59.

The DVD player is very basic, you can only watch movies from a DVD, there is no file based playback and there are no audio options but it is cheaper than PowerDVD (but PowerDVD has many more features including Bluray playback). So if you want a really basic player then it may be worth looking at, or you could buy a DVD player from a supermarket for about the same price.

Read my post for more details on the app and you can find the app in the Windows Store.

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