OpenELEC the embedded version of XMBC/Kodi has been updated hitting version 5.0.6. This release includes the latest version of Kodi, an updated version of Linux for the Raspberry Pi and many other fixes (see the list below).

With OpenELEC you can turn a PC or Raspberry Pi into a Media Center system. Grad the download links and the release notes from OpenELEC.TV.

Updated core Components (summary) since OpenELEC 5.0.5

update to kodi-14-e7ba06f

update to bcm2835-driver-f1b6b1c

update to bcm2835-bootloader-f1b6b1c

update to linux-3.18.9 for RPi2

update to kmod-20

update to libvorbis-1.3.5

update to xz-5.2.1

update to sqlite-autoconf-3080803

update to libgcrypt-1.6.3

update to alsa-utils-1.0.29

update to alsa-lib-1.0.29

projects/RPi*/patches/kodi: update RPi support patch

projects/RPi2/patches/linux: update RPi2 support patch

linux: Enable all buttons on the TiVo Slide Pro remote.

linux: Use legacy turbo (fixes BYT full freeze)

projects/imx6/linux: Changed the kernel of the project IMX6 to include PCI and IWLWIFI support. Additionally added the iwlwifi-firmware to the options of the project IMX6.

libva: x11: dri2: fix double Unlocks/SyncHandle

linux: fix CT2-4400v2 clock


For a full changelog on what’s new, follow the link below:…5.0.6

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