If you can’t run Ethernet around your home and WiFi isn’t option there is Ethernet over powerlines. The idea is simple you connect one adapter up to your router and plug it into a mains socket and then the other adapter can be plugged anywhere in your house on the same ring main. You can then plug a device like a Smart TV, PC or Bluray player into the 2nd device as though you had just ran an Ethernet cable from your router.

Netgear’s Powerline 500 kit (XAB5421) contains two adapters and two Ethernet cables so you are ready to go straight from the box, no software installation needed just plug it in and go. The nice thing about these devices is they have a UK mains socket on the front so they don’t take up a full socket which is a good thing as they work better not plugged into the power strip.

As you can see in this video the transfer speeds are much better than plain WiFi so for HD video streaming this is a great option. The kit costs £34.99 from Amazon UK.

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