Google Play Music on iOS

Google have updated the iOS version of the Google Play Music with a couple of new features. If you have All Access subscription you can select a radio station based on your mood so you could pick Running, Partying etc.

Listen Now is a new feature that shows recently played music and recommendations, the more you play the better the recommendations get. There are also improvements to the queues, it now shows where you are playing a song from (playlist or album) and there are shuffle fixes.

I used to subscribe to Google Play Music and I liked its UI on Android but the iOS version is iPhone only and there is no support for Windows Phone or Windows 8.1 so I switched to Xbox Music which has apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

The app is free from the iTunes Store.

What’s New in Version 1.4.3057

– Pick the perfect radio station for any situation easily on Listen Now [US/CA All Access only]
– Search for radio stations based on mood or activity (e.g Running, Feeling Happy or Partying) [All Access only]
– New Listen Now that shows recently played music and improved recommendations
– The queue understands and shows what you are playing from (playlist, album, etc)
– Shuffle fixes

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