When the Xbox One launched one of the TV apps missing from the console was BBC iPlayer. The TV app has been on the Xbox 360 for some time and its absence from Microsoft next gen console was a surprise. In a report on the Guardian the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor get the blame for the delay.

“We can’t seem to get it working; it [the Kinect sensor] is causing a major development headache for the team,” said the unnamed member of the BBC’s iPlayer development team who did not divulge the exact cause of the issue.

I am not sure why adding Kinect features would delay the rollout of the app, Channel 4 and other have apps on the Xbox One and they are not reliant on voice or gesture controls. While the Kinect is a nice feature I can’t say I would be bothered if iPlayer doesn’t support it, I would rather just see the app on the console. The post goes on to say that a BBC source suggests that the app wouldn’t be available to at least April at the earliest.


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