VLC for iOS
VLC for iOS has been updated with a new UI, new cloud storage options and lots of other improvements. The new UI is designed for iOS 7 looks much better than the old version and more iOS 7 like but one of the best improvements are cloud storage options. You can now stream video and audio direct from your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts without having to download them. Other improvements are new multitouch gestures, improved library for TV shows and audio, rewritten WiFI upload and download support has been added to the UPnP features.

I am a big fan of VLC and the iOS app is great media app to have on your iPad or iPhone. You can find the app in the iTunes Store.


What’s New in Version 2.2.0

This version brings a new UI for iOS 7 and numerous improvements.

• GDrive integration and Dropbox streaming,
• New multitouch gestures,
• Improved library for TV Shows and Audio,
• Better UPnP integration, with downloading support,
• A startup tutorial,
• New streaming formats and protocols supported,
• Rewritten WiFi upload,
• Improved privacy when using Passcode Lock
– And so much more!

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