The 18th edition of The MapPi has been released. The MagPi is a community magazine for Raspberry Pi enthusiast and this month they look at creating a night vision camera with the Raspberry Pi and the Pi NoiR camera. They also look at PiVision, BrickPi and using the Pi for environmental monitoring.

The online magazine is free and available from

Welcome to issue 18 of The MagPi, a free to download community driven magazine, packed to the brim with all things Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just released the Pi NoiR, an adapted version of their camera with the infra-red filter removed.  This month, we have a great article from Andrew Back of RS Components, where he takes you through the steps he used to create a night vision camera to catch critters in his back garden.

We introduce you to a great program called PiVision which brings an attractive GUI, allowing you to control the module through its native apps.  We have a very informative article on the Raspberry Pi at CERN and we look at using Scratch with BrickPi.

We also see the first in a series of articles titled ‘Project Curacao’, an environmental monitoring system utilising the Raspberry Pi which will be hung unattended on a radio tower on the island nation of Curacao.  Exotic!

Of course this only scratches the surface of what we have in store with more favourites on coding, reviews and new products in the world of the Raspberry Pi.

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