Raspberry Pi
October has been a big month for Raspmbc the XBMC distribution for the Raspberry Pi. The October release has a huge long list of updates and is based on XBMC Frodo 12.3, it has support for multi-channel audio, improved AirPlay support and there are performance improvements in the update.

Grab the updated version and read the release notes at Raspmbc.com

Fix for lists being in an incorrect order in XBMC

popcornmix introduces some fixes and features to XBMC:

fix for a bug where changing channels on live tv results in a black screen

the ability to stream silence via HDMI. This is useful if you ever press play and it takes a couple of seconds for your AV receiver to start producing audio. This must be enabled via advancedsettings.xml

avoid clipping with amplification

fix for stalling on seek when using deinterlace

avoid jumping volume to maximum after ff/rw

the speed improvements are now available as well — thanks Dom and Ben

Based on XBMC Frodo 12.3

Support for multi-channel audio

Improvements to IO through use of BFQ and zcache

Improvements to update system integrity: thanks Rob1698!

Fix noisy syslog issue with spidev module

Fix issue in initramfs where netmask was not substituted properly on static IP reservations used in NFS boots

Now using libshairplay (an improved AirPlay library) for XBMC 13.x nightlies. I’ve also backported libshairplay to XBMC 12.x, so you should see improvements to AirPlay on the official Frodo build distributed with Raspbmc as well, however I still recommend you stay away from iOS 7. I’m investigating issues with iOS 7 at the moment, but it’s very difficult, as I don’t have any iOS device.

Fix a race condition for UUID mounting in initramfs

Following on from adding UUID support to the initramfs last month, I now use UUID labels by default. This means that you do not have to worry about putting the USB drive in the top port if you have multiple drives attached and are running a USB install

NOOBS installations will now update themselves just as regular Raspbmc installs will

Make sure Raspbmc skin is used in 24 hour nightly builds by default

Fix issue where Raspbmc does not present itself correctly to a Mac OSX client. Thanks “Mausy5043″ for spotting this issue.

Nightly builds can now be deleted from Raspbmc Settings. Thanks to ‘karnage’ for this.

Support for many real time clocks out of the box

Add eGalax touchpad support to XBMC

Add Deluge torrent client (enable via Raspbmc Settings)

Update sabznbd news reader to 0.7.16 to fix some PAR issues

Fix a bug where logs were not rotating due to missing /var/run/rsyslogd.pid

Quieter boot and less ‘init:’ messages are printed to the console

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