The MediaPortal team have released the 2nd Alpha of MediaPortal 2. It’s been a few months since the first Alpha was released and this build has a lot of changes, see the list of changes bellow. Details of the changes are how to upgrade on the MediaPortal blog. As it’s an alpha build it going to have bugs in it but if you want to try the very latest version get the download and start playing.

Summary of changes

Server as a Service (#3823): see MP2 Updates thread

Improvements of share importer (#4402), media shares are automatically imported once per day

Configuration of Server settings from within the client (#4283):

Defining the server’s Dokan drive

Defining the credentials the server uses to access network shares

Installer and configuration improvements

Simplified access to installation log files by providing a batch file (#4329)

Automatic download and install of LAV Filters during installation by offbyone

LAV filters are preferred codecs (#4364)

New and improved plugins:

New shutdown menu (#3998)

Weather plugin improvements by Valk: improved first run experience and a new feature to suggest location

OnlineVideos plugin is included in this release

News plugins includes new default news feeds per country

Experimental 3D support (GUI / Video rendering of SBS/TAB videos, press F12 to toggle modes) (3D Video Support for MP2)

The full change log is available here: MediaPortal 2 Alpha 2 change log

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