Raspberry Pi in a case
The excellent Raspbmc XBMC distribution for the Raspberry Pi has been updated, the May update includes fixes like black screen on video playback, TVHeadend has been updated to version 3.4, a firewall issue has been fixes and there are improved audio features.

Details from Raspbmc, you can get the update by rebooting your Raspberry Pi when running Raspbmc.

Fixed a rare issue where the update system does not get triggered.

Fixed an issue where videos continue playing on a black screen (thanks popcornmix)

TVHeadend updated to version 3.4.

Fix a bug where the firewall does not disable despite being disabled via Raspbmc Settings.

USB DACs and PulseAudio support is supported in XBMC 12.2 again. Note that this is an unofficial addon maintained by the Raspbmc team, rather than being supported by XBMC directly, which is why it took some time to port to 12.2.

Better compliance with upstream Debian (using apt-get upgrade)

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