Sonos have update the Sonos software. Version 4.1 has a new playlist builder where you can add tracks from any source directly to a playlist without having to use the queue. Spotify integration has been improved, you can now edit and create Spotify playlists from a Sonos Controller, sign in using Facebook login to access you Spotify account plus you can access Spotify folders from a Sonos Controller.

Nice incremental improvements from Sonos, I recently reviewed the Sonos PLAYBAR and love the Sonos apps.

·         Building the perfect playlist is easier than ever: Select tracks from any music source and add them directly to your Sonos playlists, or even create a new one, all without using the queue.

·         Directly create & edit Spotify playlists: No need to re-build playlists in Spotify. With the update, you can easily create and edit Spotify playlists from the Sonos Controller

·         Access to Spotify folders: Any of the playlists you’ve built in Spotify – including folders – are now visible directly in the Sonos Controller

·         Easy Set-up: Use your Facebook log-in credentials to add your Spotify account to Sonos.

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